Il Pleut

It’s raining in Los Angeles.

You’d think the world was coming to an end. Cars are driving at about 5 mph. I hear the splashing of water and the screeching of brakes.

I’m not complaining. First off, we need the rain. Second, it’s nice to have a little variety in the weather. Third, the rest of the United States is basically frozen tundra, so a little rain is okay when it’s in the mid-50s F in January.

But it’s interesting how much a little change from the norm can disrupt your day. Humans really are creatures of habit. When something happens that disrupts your habits, it can really throw a wrench in.

This is particularly true when you trying to actually build those habits, such as at the beginning of a year that you intend to be Breathtaking. You can start building the habit of running every other day, and lifting on alternate days, and resting on Sunday, and start feeling good about yourself. But then a little rain comes and messes up your run.

What do you do?

For me… well, first acknowledge the discomfort and the disappointment. No, I won’t be able to run on the beach today, and that’s a bummer.

Second, think of a backup plan. I really don’t like running on treadmills anymore, but since I joined the gym, I now have access to one. I can do that.

Third… just be grateful. And whatever you do, don’t let a little rain dampen your mojo.

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