2018- The Year Of…

I just got back from the gym.

There are two important nuggets of truth wrapped up in that fact.

The first is that I work for a company that is cool with you working out in the middle of the day, and, in fact, encourages it if that’s what you need to do. It’s all about performing your best and bringing your best self to work and etcetera etcetera.

So if I want to wake up at 5 am (well, I wouldn’t say I want to wake out at 5 am, but I’m a natural early riser) and start working at 6 am, so I can work for several hours and then hit the gym when it’s not so crowded, so I can go back to work for a few hours and round out my day energized and exercised… hey, it’s cool. So… thanks Accenture; you’re pretty awesome.

The second nugget of truth is that part of my job is to bring what I just talked about to life for Accenture folks, to evangelize it, and quite frankly, I have kind of sucked at it for a long time.

Do as I say, not as I do. That always wins ‘em over, right?

Well, if you aren’t concerned about authenticity, transparency, or downright honesty, you can probably pull it off. The problem is that all three of those things are important to me. So I better get on the snide.

And therefore, today is January 3rd, and I just got back from the gym. It’s key to note that I didn’t want to go to the gym. The cold that knocked me low for much of December is still bugging me, and for some reason my back was really hurting last night. But I went anyway.

There are two reasons I went, and therein lie today’s insight.

First, I went because I decided to go.

As I mentioned earlier, my end-of-year break highlighted for me that I wasn’t exactly living the life that I wished for other people, let alone myself. I made a conscious decision to make some shifts headed into this new year, and I’ll be talking about some of those planned shifts in my coming blogs. But because I had already decided that I would exercise every day (except Sunday), I was able to keep that promise to myself today even though I didn’t feel like it.

Second, I went because I had already established the foundations of the good habit.

I believe in New Year’s resolutions. I know a lot of people don’t, for various good reasons, but for me the beginning of a new year is a powerful symbol of renewal. Committing to new habits starting January 1 is a good thing for me.

But, like most other people, I tend to fall off the wagon pretty early. I have a lot of intention going into January 1st, but then that turns into a sleepy, lazy holiday, and there’s still a lot of food around, and the gym is closed, and it’s soooo easy to go back to bed.

This year, I tried something different. I started some of my resolutions early, right after Christmas day. I decided to lay the groundwork and build a foundation, so that the habit would already be forming by the time January 1st rolled around.

And it worked! I worked out every day last week (except Sunday), so now it already feels like something I do, not just something I think about. And that made it all the easier to go today even though I kind of didn’t want to.

You might think that’s advice that you now have to wait 51 weeks to use. Sorry about that. But hey, even though January 1st is a great day to start new habits, so is January 8th. So get on board.

That’s enough for today. On my next post, I’ll complete the title of this post and tell you about my theme for the year. And then I’ll start talking about some of the other habits I intend to build.

I hope you’ll join me!

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  1. Love your authenticity Bob. And that you’re back at the gym -for your sake and for Accenture’s, as they’ll reap the productivity rewards while you reap the health rewards

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